All Galio Skins Comparison – New Update Enchanted Debonair Gatekeeper Commando Hextech 2017

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    In my opinion, gatekeaper (legandary) is the lamest of all Galio skins now… sad :c

    I don't got that ult, u can use it every where or only on a team mate/enemy?

    Nice video

    i love the enchanted one. thanks man ^^

    fajnie że znowu wróciłeś

    A ım türk ı love you

    jak dostałeś się na pbe? a poza tym świetny odcinek

    Whats the best skin? Why the legendary attacks animation are same? Xd


    Can you go to your own channel?

    I thought gatekeeper is legendary skin so it should have unique taunts

    Gatekeeper galio the only one not flying away but walking like a boosssss

    They made some changes for the April fools skins, but its nothing major, only they added sound when Alistar is hitting the bell and they might change textures for Pug'Maw which i dont like.

    hi l'am youtube vietnam

    what will be the price of Enchanted Galio?

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