The Arctic sea ice is volume is down by 80%. There is no old sea ice left. That means it will  melt very quickly in the spring/summer.  That is our refrigerator/air conditioner gone. That means we no longer have an arctic cooling effect. Temperatures will increase by .3'c every years from now onward. This will rise to .5'c in around 5-7 years because we keep pumping Co2 and releasing methane into the atmosphere. That = a 5'c temperature rise by 2030. That will warm the worlds oceans enough to release Methane Hydrate from the ocean sea shelves at 300-600m depth. There is 100 times more Methane Hydrate on the sea floor than all the worlds coal. This methane release will add another 6'c of warming by 2050 or sooner. Welcome to the Permian Mass Extinction Take 2.

    Looking at the historical record is certainly an eye-opener, but this human-caused change is so quick that most past models are probably not even relevant, unless you look at things like asteroid strikes and supervolcano eruptions.

    Global Warming is Cooling please pay at the door and predict the past….!!!!!!

    Add in some flash flooding and giant hail, a special treat for places that thought like Dorothy & Toto that everything is jus' fine & sea-level doesn't matter, eh?

    Maybe at 5-times above maximum CO2 for the Pleistocene the AGU had to declare a new Epoch, the Anthropocene we having left the Holocene climate as well.

    Somebody please give this guy a nasalotomy and nuke wherever he comes from. Nobody needs sound this way.

    I expect lots of these paid shills for fossil fuels Inc. After all, their survival as companies making money is at stake. If we address our impending climate catastrophe they will very likely lose money and power over our governments.

    Look below for lots of paid shills touting the same old antiscience bs and misdirection, and outright lies of the fossil fuels lobby.

    Looks like a great recap of state of the art climatology @ 2013. This showed the best explanations I've seen for some of the deeper issues (the effects of clathrates, permafrost). I'm somewhat reassured about them after seeing this, though the overall message doesn't change.

    All the changes seem to be happening much faster than predicted. The last year's temperatures are pretty scary. 2015 was hugely warmer than any other year before it, and 2016 has been way beyond what anyone would expect.

    Professor Richard Alley is a CIA asset and a misdirection specialist. He's in the "abrupt climate change isn't that bad" group, which is hilarious.

    this is years old (2013). Don't even bother

    This was a show, a propaganda piece used for educational purposes.

    what a load of crap

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