ABSOLUTE HISTORICAL FACT:-The Permian Mass Extinction happened 250 million years ago when Co2 levels reached 400ppm. 96% of ALL LIFE on Earth died. Gone forever. This was because along with Co2 rise came Atmospheric Water Vapour Rise, Ocean Acidification, Permafrost Methane Release, Desertification, Inland Drought,  Phytoplankton Die Off, Ocean Crustation Die Off, Forest Fires, Forest Die Off, causing a 5'c GAT (Global Average Temperature) rise. This along with other self reinforcing feedbacks caused large Methane Hydrate release causing another 6'c GAT rise. The GAT was 23'c. The Oceans were acid based ((No life or oxygen producing life forms) only noxious cyano bacteria)). Land area temperatures across the Earth were :- Central region 60'c Summer and Winter (lifeless). Northern and Southern mid latitudes (our farmland) 50'c Summer 20'c Winter (severe desert). Higher North and South latitudes (Arctic and Antarctic) 30'c Summer -20'c Winter. Greenland and Antarctica were the only habitable land areas on earth. Greenland at 30'c in the Summer could support approximately 20,000 Humans. Winters would be extremely harsh even in caves at -20'c. There would be little or no heating material as all available land would e needed for fast growth agriculture to feed the populous through the Winter. THEY WHO DO NOT LEARN FROM HISTORY WILL REPEAT HISTORY! THIS IS NOT THE END, BUT IT IS THE VERY BEGGINING OF THE END.

    ITS GTTNG WRMR EV'RY DAY annoying scientific intellectuals all sing along with #YaWNMoWeR

    "Abrupt" compared to what?

    For 2015 a new record 3.05-ppmCO2 was gained, a new record 3mm/year sea-level rise rate, oceans are acidifying such that no oysters in 3-decades and is Houston flooding?

    What could possibly go wrong on a planet in space jumping a major greenhouse gas 200-times faster than the end of the last ice-age rise in CO2 … ??

    I love warmists bleating about the requirement of proof. The whinge was so heartfelt I thought he was going to blame dragons for producing the Medieval Warm Period with their damned fire breathing.

    new song about climate change, posted for paris conference. still work ahead to meet the spirit of the agreement. check it out! and share as possible…


    6o's today in Boston. I remember it was in the 30's and 40's in november. Our water bottles and a dirty pamper is not causing Climate change. Big Companies gas,oil etc Billionaires and crooked politicians are to blame…

    Change is disruptive, but change is inevitable. Fearing global warming in the current Ice Age is like a rain-drenched pedestrian fearing a warm bed.

    Life thrives in warmth and dies in the cold. End the current Ice Age. Civilization will last longer.

    Sometimes the people who actually think (a minute portion) ask how on Earth (literally) heat could move down into the oceans below the thermocline and even how it gets below the well-mixed layer (top 50m – 200m with 90m a reasonable average). Excellent question. The only significant way that heat could move down into the oceans below the well-mixed layer is due to salinity increase due to evaporation. Warming of the tropical Pacific "warm pool" (and perhaps some other tropical and sub-tropical places) increased salinity, caused density inversion, caused warm water in the well-mixed layer to sink and mix in the thermocline and even below it. Caused slight warming of the deep ocean. I rough computed 92%-99% (most likely ~96%) of heat that moved down from 0-100m into deeper than 100m from 1983 to 2010 was due to higher salinity in 0-100m layer than below This relates to salinity graph presented at 20:40.

    very interesting take on Climate Change. A lot of charts. Well done ! Part of the speakers topic is applicable to Bart, the blog below–he represents the Dragon Part.

    Lost me at the first slide. Cars emit 1 lb/mi of CO2. Suppose a car gets 20 mi/gallon. Multiplying, you get the result of 20 lb/gallon of CO2. Considering the density of gasoline is around 6 lb/gallon – this is obviously misleading.

    Well, the facts seem to be more promising…, see Paul Beckwith on Methane Gases.  But on the other hand, think of it twice.  Are you prepared to know that your fat, ugly kids will be dead in 2030 at best?  If not, I'd take your vaccines, eat GMO foods, and spend every dime you have on the stocks.  Your government loves you, AND ONLY YOU! and listen to the news on tv FOX especially and get some ZOLOF!

    More poppycock alarmist propaganda. Temps have failed to rise for the last 15+ years. Thus the models predicting such are wrong and invalidated, end of story. Also the polar bear population keeps increasing contrary to the predictions of the alarmists.

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