I was dying at mountain climbers

    how much calories does this burn?

    Am I the only one who reads the comment section while doing the workout?

    The dogs motivated me the most

    how can she possibly talk that much while burning urggggh!!!. ur killing it girl!!!

    This helped me out so much
    i started at 130 pounds then when i started to do it at least once or twice a day i got flatter and flatter and know im like 85 pounds
    thank you so so so so so so so so much

    im putting on music while i do this. im really hoping this helps because i think my belly got bigger. i hope this flattens my pouch lol

    I'm gonna do this everyday starting today and then for the month of July and let you know my results. (I ACTUALLY UPDATE UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE). My plan is to do this (and similar ones) everyday as well as hiit cardio three times a week.

    after 2 months ive just realized shes wearing two sports bras

    OMG how does she do that in a stretch..I need to take at least 3 breaks in between right now hahaha.hope soon I'll be able to do at a stretch like her and will get a belly like her.though I'm not too fat just want a bit flatter 🙂 and just started yesterday .. hoping for the best and hopefully I can continue 🙂

    hi rebecca, how many calories do i burn when i do this?

    I've lost 55 pounds and I'm so impressed at how well this workout works for lower belly issues. I've been doing this for 5 days now, twice a day and a shirt that was tight on my lower stomach fits me loose now. Definitely going to keep doing this workout.

    mam this is absoulrtly works thank you so much ..Muwah <3

    This video changed my life. I started my weightloss journey in February and I have lost close to 30lbs. I do this workout every night plus my regular workout +clean eating. I was able to lose my stomach and keep my curves. I have videos on my channels with specific workouts I did. Once again Thank you for this!!

    Video starts at 0:29 Marking for use

    I have tried a lot of different flat stomach workouts and this is the only one that has actually given me a flat stomach. I have only been doing this for about a week and a half and the results are unbelievable already!!! I highly recommend this workout and some cardio afterwords for best results. Also, eating clean plays a huge part in giving you a flatter stomach as well. I do not consume any dairy or wheat (they both hurt my stomach anyways) and I only drink water with my meals if anyone is wondering about my diet. It definitely works!!!

    im only 13 and it helped me

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