7 things we wish we knew before playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance

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    also if you can't win a fight the bow and back peddle can be your best friend. I personally prefer to lose but I did get stuck against a boss while I was changing armor

    if the gene saves at a horrible spot make sure you have items you might need to stop bleeding

    My first playthrough went like this:
    1) Told to get a few things in town.
    2) Go to collect owed coin for tools – told to get axe another way.
    3) Picked up the axe. Guard arrests me.
    4) Game over "You died in Jail".

    The games fucking awesome !

    The only thing I wish I'd known before playing with this is that the guards in Rattay REALLY don't like you walking around in the dark.

    game needs a dam save n quit option

    My tip? Have patience. This "realistic" game style seems to be pretty new to most people. That means most of the things in the game are experimental and buggy, and the game is poorly optimized. The studio isn't exactly gigantic, so I imagine they don't have the workforce to patch A LOT of bugs in a short time.

    Take bow,horse and no problem to deal with 10 bandits camp.then you can take all staff from them and sell it I got 50k+.one thing I don't like you can take as much items as you want with you and still you can move just take horse and go max speed to sell staff

    Another will be, try to make you're own potions it's cheaper but challenging, and how to read to 😀

    All 7 things were discussed on warhourse studios videos before the game came out. Dislike

    My advice: Get into Alchemy as soon as you can. You can produce savior schnapps in batches very early in the game at very, very, very little cost. Anyone using a mod for saving is just cheating since saving is really easy but made less frequent due to the cost, which is good, because it will make you actually feel way more immersed and make any decision feel weighty.

    Next advice: Deer has around 200 pieces of meat per deer. Meaning that if you kill a deer and sell its meat you will even at a very low selling price (miller) still get around 500 groschen per deer. Close by Neuheim there is a Inn, where the owner will also buy wild meat. So you can hunt in that forest and directly bring the meat to the owner. But dont get caught by the patrols in the woods. They certainly don't like you stealing that meat.

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