"Nuclear, Nuclear
    Makes me wanna run away
    There's no place to go
    No place to go
    All the confusion
    It's an illusion, like a movie
    Got nowhere to go
    Nowhere to run and hide
    No matter how hard I try"


    2018 anyone

    My life is simple, i see eminem i click like

    Eminems verse on this has been in my head for months now lol finally had to listen to it.

    All Eminem

    Damn this came out 5 years ago ain feel that long

    Who listen in 2018 hahaha well it still december 2017 ^_^

    I had this on repeat the moment it came out for weeks. Still bumping it to this day. Hustle and grind!

    I’m an 18 year old rapper and if you love storytelling like this, you’ll love my new Match track.

    I hope you won’t be disappointed.

    Gahhhhhhh adams high pitched vocals murder the hard delivery of an otherwise deadly raw delivery by 50 and em

    50 cent, Marshall mathers and Adam Levine are escaping

    Essa música é foda

    I am listening when this song Actually describing my fucking life story

    2018 anyone?

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