3 Mistakes Give You UNEVEN ARMS (uneven biceps/triceps fix)

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    I'm just coming back from an injury (I broke my arm playing football) so my left arm is alot smaller and weaker than My right arm, how Can I make the left arm as powerful as the right one? Awesome video btw!

    Can anyone help me I'm 15 5'6 and I got a fb belly I weigh around 135 but the rest of my body is skinny , what should I be eatting, what exercise can I do to lose this fat and get a 6 pack thanks. Like when I look in the mirror I can see my abs but they are not ripped but then I have fat on top of it

    how cn u gt taller?

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    The reason this is one of my favorite channels is because unlike other channel's you keep it short, real and quick. I got limited time and there are people who upload 15 minute videos and I lose my patience trying to find the answer to what I want.
    Good work!

    Good video, ill try your first method

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