im guessing the more pricier titles will be dlc included. think zelda or zelda with dlc included. which raises the question are some of these games preexisting?

    Please announce gen 8 pokemon titles

    I hope they make a mario side scroller like new super mario bros 3

    I want Metroid prime 4 so bad and Smash Bros

    I really want Kirby Star allies. I want it to come out early 2018. Please no wait for December.

    They’ll probably give some info on Pokémon

    Mario Party. Fallout 4. Pokemon. Kingdom Hearts (any of them). PUBG.

    I bet you it's NBA and FIFA, haha! I'm kinda hoping for The Sims 4 on Switch… Imagine it on the go, damn…

    One could be fire emblem

    Fire Emblem

    Who else wants Dr.Mario 2?

    I mean octopath is the game I want really bad and maybe kirby but I've never played a prime game so whatev for it

    All I want is fortnite don’t really give a shit about baby Pokémon or yoshi like wtf

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