What is the material of your sails ? Looks like Mylar or similar…

    Congratulations on the new sail. Your do-it-yourself approach will serve you well in the years to come. It does look like chafe protection might be in order. When close hauled, a guard on the spreaders and a patch on the sail will keep it in good shape. Also, when you ease the mainsheet when on a reach the sail will back up to the shrouds. It won't be long before there will be a grey line running the length of the sail. That would be the time to add a 4" wide stick-on sail repair tape to both sides of the sail. You do need to stitch it as well.

    Love a project like that, the satisfaction and pride after it's been completed is great. Hell I felt satisfied/proud for you lol!


    I made a similar jib here in Brazil, using exactly the same technique. Sail clothes were glued flat each other, with a sticky tape, without any profile. On the boat, a nice airplane-like profile came out. Smooth sailing for you both.

    Thank you for showing this! Awesome! I am all about DIY!

    I grew up sowing and I think I would be to nervous to try to do that myself! Nice job!

    Pretty cool!

    Congrats on making you own sail, looks great. If you havent done so already, wrap some spreader tape around the tips of your spreaders to protect your sail.

    That there is a nice project. One you can stand back for a look and just say "I did that!"

    Mishaps will happen. But you learned from it and got a good sail out of it.
    Good job!

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