Hey guys! Check out "The Most Expensive Materials In The World' from our friends at TheHUB https://youtu.be/jWh_MxNBVk0


    when you realise soupmis worth more then what you're using to watch this or worth more them you're life yup I'm a we are pe3son

    I'm from Iceland

    Money….. isnt everthing…..

    My dad just s thousandnair

    I woul

    I would rob that toilet blind lol I'll pull out the diamond and shit

    i bot all of them he he he he he he Harley Quinn aaaaaaaaaaaaa im tha biggist fan yayayayayyyyyyaaaayayayayayayayayayay i love you harley quinn i have the biggist smiel on my face

    Sub I give John cena

    i have luwak coffee becausethe husband of my moms sister owns a company that produces it.

    my friend could buy all of these easily

    I would make the worlds most expensive bacon cheeseburger and put some edible gold on it

    Aren't you the richest

    You're the best person ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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