Ever wondered how ships are launched? Read our detailed article to find out http://www.engineeringworldchannel.com/ship-launching-explained/

    those are all boats, not ships ._.

    2:50 RIP the operator

    1:58 is the best

    nice mat

    Was anyone in the bouts

    It does happen and when it does it can be very dangerous.

    Stupidness costs. Class Dismissed

    thought i'd subscribe

    Number 10 ship fail the ship had a spaz

    Number 8 doesnt look like a ship bitch ass peanut head nigga with your ugly ass



    Title !0 ships launch gone wrong…. shows a bunch of yachts getting lowered into the water

    En el fondo del mar, matarilelilelile

    Definitly not filmed with the iphoneX

    That last one wasn't a launch gone wrong that's a test of a self righting rescue boat

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