9:51 OH yep thats Yoongi alright ABORT MISSION ABORT!!

    Also, never trust an edited comment

    unless its BTS related >:P

    I love Yoongi's personalitiy lol

    çoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook tatlısınnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    i’m blessed

    1:53 I'm sitting alone in my room at 3am tryna watch some funny videos and the saw theme boom outta nowhere, I fucking crap my pants

    Suga and jimin are like the life of bts along with j-hope

    1:01 what does that show call?

    He's good at drawing too?seriously that drawing is so cute..yoongi really good in everything..

    I'm pretty sure RM and Jimin tie for the clumsiest in the group though

    wow the earlier aesthetics were just…chainz. haha

    My bias (Hobi) wrecker! nyahehe

    infires man yeah!

    Say super sweet sugas silliness 5x fast


    you like dis
    yOu LiKe DiS

    10 minutes isn’t enoughhhh

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