Water moves towards low pressure, just like air. So basically water volume moved with hurricane. Probably low tide too and with full moon tides are exagerated. Water displacement during hurricanes causes flooding and behind hurricanes the opposite occurs. It's very shallow water throughout the Bahamas as well, so any displacement is noticeable. Bottom line, Irma is a serious storm.

    I'd be afraid i'd step into one of those puddles and fall into some underwater sink hole or something lol

    Time for a new video, it came back.

    The water spilled over the sides on the flat earth… It's never coming back!

    Stoked for Kojimas new upcoming game "Death Stranding".


    This also happens if a Tsunami is about to accuse. And fuck Irma. She's destroyed my house

    worst vacation EVER

    That's the perfect time to bring out the metal detectors

    Looks flat to me


    Wide blow it out I have seem this on the west coast of flordia when a strong north eastern would blow for days

    Storm surge and low pressure. It's probably on the streets of Miami.

    Wow thats total collapse,hurricanes coming to all regions in the world,in slovenia is snow now at september,that is changing the world

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